Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cafe Culture in Bangalore – Where to Go for a Cup of Joe

Fancy a cup of coffee? Explore all that Bangalore’s café culture has to offer and enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city’s streets.

India is one of the largest coffee bean producers in the world. Traditionally, the vast majority of Indians prefer to begin their day with tea and, if you order a coffee it is more likely to be instant than ‘proper coffee’. But with European style cafes opening up around India it is no surprise that cities like Bangalore have embraced this new trend. Bangalore, also known as Bangalaru, is a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant emerging café culture. Within the hustle and bustle of Bangalore cafés are popping up as a hub for socializing. These coffee houses have a cozy feel good ambiance that attracts customers to stay and appreciate their coffee rather than running out with a take out. The majority of cafes also provide WiFi connectivity allowing customers to stay online whilst they enjoy their coffee. Here are a few suggestions of where to go for when you want to escape and catch up with friends.

Café Noir
Café Noir is a contemporary French café that provides a warm and inviting ambiance. Situated on a large open terrace its elegantly designed setting encourages customers to sample French delicacies whilst enjoying a cup of coffee. Café Noir represents the “French Art de Vivre” and offers everyday luxuries in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. This is the place to visit if you have a sweet tooth with a glorious spread of pastries and cakes on offer to accompany their delightful coffee. 

Dyu Art Café
The Dyu Art Café is the perfect place to have a catch up over coffee and escape the busy streets of Bangalore. This warm and welcoming café is where art meets coffee with the walls filled with all types of artwork. The cold coffee is infamous, with hand-ground coffee beans being served in a brew-your-own-drink style. The customer gets to measure out their own drink to their liking, making the experience a more personal one. It’s home away from home setting and is the perfect getaway for a catch up with friends!

Atta Galatta
Situated in the heart of Bangalore this café is worlds away from the chaotic streets of this vibrant city. This charming café come book shop is perfect for literature lovers. Hosting book launches, workshops and discussions – this café offers more than just a good cup of coffee. Surrounded by over 10,000 books there is a novel for everyone to get lost in whilst enjoying a break from life. There is definitely a buzz around the place making it well worth a visit when you book your flight from London to Bangalaru.

Matteo Coffea
This speciality coffee house is located in one of the busiest lanes in Bangalore, this modern looking café is known for its great coffee and is in the ideal location to take a step back and relax from city life! At Matteo Coffea care is taken over the roasting and brewing process of the coffee beans to ensure the best cup of coffee is given to you!

There are plenty of cafes in Bangalore to be explored and enjoyed on your trip. When you are ready to escape from the hectic streets of Bangalaru dive into one of these coffee houses and sample the amazing coffees that are on offer.

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