Saturday, December 10, 2016

Keeping It Neat & Clean with Janitorial Services

Janitorial services might not be the first point of business on your agenda. But it sure is nice to hear positive comments from your clients regarding the cleanliness of your facility because of your ongoing janitorial services. However, how many times have you walked into a place of business and noticed dirty floors or filthy bathrooms! That leaves a lasting impression, doesn’t it? Will you say anything to management regarding this or just walk out and use a competitor’s goods or services? Most people won’t make a derogatory comment on the cleanliness of a business but they are less inclined to return in the future. When there is a clear lack of janitorial services or a cleaning program in place it is a matter of time before there is a buildup of dirt, dust and debris. This obviously does not reflect well on the company or the products and services it offers. You expect your employees to give their best when they are at work. They expect the same from their employer. The least you can do is provide them with clean and healthy surrounding to work in.

Janitorial services may not seem like much, but it entails more than just pushing a broom or emptying a garbage can. Dusting, disinfecting surfaces, restroom cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and floor polishing are just a few of the major janitorial services that make up an overall cleaning program. As a business owner you clearly have a lot of obligations. Cleaning is definitely not one of them, which you want to deal with yourself.Some businesses assign staff that is already employed by the company to handlesome cleaning tasks. This might not be the best option. Existing staff is usually employed to perform the tasks that the company requires and they were hired for And they rarely get paid extra for cleaning services that they do on company time. This might make them less that eager to do a good job and cause some resentment with their employer. They also don’t have the required knowledge: which cleaning product to use on which surface, how to operate or repair and a vacuum cleaner or floor scrubber? Janitorial service companies possess the know-how, cleaning supplies, tools and equipment.

Hiring janitorial services means that everyone leaves at the end of the day, no one has to stay late to clean and dust. Cleanliness is not an option. It is critically importance to keep your place of business clean and presentable at all times. Your business premises need to portray the same level of professionalism you convey in your business. Outsourcing reliable janitorial serviceswill take care of thosecrucial first impressions today and tomorrow.

As mentioned above, janitorial services companies have the required equipment, tools and skills to clean and sanitize all available work surfaces with the correct products. Getting rid of viruses and bacteria has the added benefit of keeping your employees healthy. Using the rightproducts on furniture will ensure that it lasts longer, reducing replacement costs. Janitorial services includes daily cleaning services such as sanitizing and disinfecting the surfaces in restrooms, removing trash, dusting horizontal and vertical surfaces and sweeping and mopping floors. Most janitorial services also vacuum carpets on a daily or weekly basis depending on the clients business cleaning requirements.

Janitorial service providers should always work consistently to maintain your facility’s features. This will save you time and money in the long run, while keeping the workplace clean and healthy. This will help keep your employees motivated and productive. They will be proud to welcome customers and visitors to your place of business. By outsourcing janitorial services to do the dirty work, you can concentrate on running your business.

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