Sunday, February 12, 2017

Are You Ready For Your Emergency Dental Appointment?

The dentist would be the very first person that you will need should you will require a dental emergency.  Most of the dentists will set aside an ample time in conducting emergency procedure.  It is recommended to keep their after-hours contact info so you can make an emergency dental appointment anytime you need an emergency care.

Tips to Help You Prepare With Your Emergency Dental Appointment

Regardless if you are travelling or at home, the tips provided below will help you easily manage your dental emergency needs.  Remember that during a dental emergency, time can spell the difference between losing and saving your tooth.

Preparation during a Knocked-Out Tooth

This is a situation that urgently needs an emergency dental appointment.  If you follow the essential tips that we will provide, there is a huge possibility that your dentist can preserve and reinsert the knocked-out tooth.

·         Immediately pick up your tooth on the crown.  Avoid touching it on the roots.

·         Gently rinse the tooth, ensure that it is clean.  Refrain from scrubbing the knocked-out tooth.  Never remove the tissue connected with the tooth.  Cover the sink with a towel or tissue to make sure that it will not go down the drain.

·         In case you can (and only if you can), place the knocked-out tooth back into its socket gently. Hold it steadily and try to bite it down.

·         Place it in a small container if you can’t put it back then call your dentist for an emergency dental appointment.

Fractured, Cracked or Chipped Tooth

In the event that you have a chipped tooth but it doesn’t involve a severe pain, emergency dental appointment is not necessary.  You may see a dentist after a few days but be careful when you are chewing to avoid aggravating the situation.  The dentist will most probably smooth the chipped tooth and add a filling material in order to repair your chipped tooth.

Fractured and cracked tooth is quite a serious condition, and it is advisable to call your dentist immediately for an emergency dental appointment.  Severe cracking are extreme cases wherein your tooth can no longer be saved.  The dentist may also conduct an x-ray to measure the extent of the damage.  In case it involves tissue damage, the dentist may need to perform a more complex procedure to address your situation.

Your preparation before the emergency dental appointment can affect the entire result of the dental procedure.  It will also make the job of the dentist a lot easier.  Dental emergency can happen anytime.  It would be highly recommended to carry an emergency kit that contains handkerchief, gauze, acetaminophen, contact information of dentist and small container to help you prepare with any dental emergency situation.

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