Thursday, February 16, 2017

Choosing the Right Commercial Outdoor Lights

Your outdoor lighting is the most convenient and affordable way to add safety, security, and beauty to your house. Understanding the type of Commercial Outdoor Lights will help you choose the lighting fixture that will work best on your landscape and exterior layout. Here are some of the tips that can help you in choosing the right outdoor light.

Determine the Proper Placement and Size of Commercial Outdoor Lights

Various lighting fixtures are used in different parts of the house. It can be used in various ways to highlight our home exterior.  For instance, fence lights and lamp posts should be at least ¼ of the height of your fence post to achieve that desired lighting. Garage doors should be ¼ of the overall width of your garage door and should be place at the center of the gate and at least 6 inches above the door. Porch Light should be at least ¼ of the height of your door and about 66 inches from the floor.


Another thing that people consider when looking for a Commercial Outdoor Lights is their style. Lighting fixtures are commonly designed based on the different architectural style. You should look for a lighting fixture that complements with the architectural design of your structure. The traditional style is ideal for the country-style homes. But not every type of structure is traditionally made; fortunately, local manufacturers have been producing various designs of fixtures to address the demand of the public for a trendier design.


Compared to the style of the Commercial Outdoor Lights which are normally based on the structure, the finish will look trendier. The most renowned finish will be bronze. It looks classier than the traditional brass finish. Titanium and black finishes are also starting to become popular. Brass finishes doesn’t work well with the outdoor environment and also requires more effort to maintain.


When choosing Commercial Outdoor Lights, you should also consider the purpose of the light. Solar Lighting is generally for safety, and they can be placed on the walkways. Landscape lighting can either be for safety and decorative purposes. Flood lighting is intended for security purposes and can be installed on parking areas, garage, and driveway. Chandelier and pendant lighting are for aesthetic purpose only.


There are different ways on how you can manage your Commercial Outdoor Lights. You can choose something that comes with a dimmer which will give you a better control in terms of the range of the light. Modern lighting fixtures also have automation feature that can turn on or off during a specific schedule. Other available controls are motion sensor, timers and dusk-to-dawn.

The best Commercial Outdoor Lights will give your house a welcoming and warm ambiance.  It will also give you a secured and safe environment. Choose the right lighting fixtures that are ideal for your home.

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