Thursday, February 9, 2017

Six Tips to Make Office Moves Smoother


Office moves can be exciting, but it is a daunting task. No matter if you are up scaling, downsizing, or just moving to a new location, there is a lot that needs to be done. If you are planning to move offices soon, here are some tips to make the move go smoother.

1. Plan in Advance

Once you know that you want to move, you should start planning it. You should have a layout of the new office designed. Having the layout allows you to figure out what your needs are for equipment. Employees can also plan their own spaces, once you have the floor plan completed.

2. Hire the Movers Early

Since office moves take specialized equipment, you should get full estimates and hire movers at least one to three months before your moving date. This improves your chances of getting all the equipment and man power that you need for the move.

3. Order Any New Equipment in Advance

If your business needs new office equipment, you should order it a month or two before you move into the new office. Ordering early allows time for the pieces to be delivered and built. You should also avoid ordering large pieces to your old office, as you will end up having to move the pieces yourself.

4. Color-Code

Moving can cause items to be misplaced or be placed in the wrong room. So, to avoid having to search for items when you reach your new office, you should take time to color-code the boxes. This works for all sizes of businesses, and there are colored labels that you can use.

5. Your Employees Should be Organized

When your employees are packing their offices for the move, you should have each of them labeled their boxes of items. You should also have an area where they should place the boxes that are ready to be moved to the new office.

If all the boxes are labeled, you can have the movers place the boxes in the right offices at the new location. This saves time, as you and your employees do not need to look through each box to find their items.

6. Avoid Having Deadlines and Client Meetings near the Move

A move takes a lot of work, as you need to pack and unpack everything. So, to make the move smoother, you should try to avoid having deadlines and client meetings within a few days before and after the move. This allows you and your employee’s time to set up and unpack.

Office moves can take a lot of time and effort. However, planning ahead can save you many headaches, as you have an idea of when everything needs to be done. Having an office move run smoothly means that you can get back to work faster.

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