Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tailored Men’s Dress Shirts

Tailored men’s dress shirts are designed to offer an elegant look to the wearer. Although many people like wearing it with a tuxedo or bow tie to supplement their attractiveness and formal or official look, the shirt alone can yield that classy and mesmerizing look that you are looking for. They could be made from different high-quality materials and colors, but the choice lies on the wearer. Slim fit tailored dress shirts are the choice of many people nowadays. Many supplement them with unnecessary fashion accessories thereby ruining their formal image. To be in a good position and wear it smartly, follow the below guidelines.

Four-in-Hand Knot for a Button down Dress Shirt

This is not only for tailored men’s dress shirts but all shirts that have a button down feature at the neck. This kind of tie would create a small and narrow knot on your necktie thereby yielding that fancy and official look that you have been looking for. Fashion specialists indicate that this type of tie knot works best with neckties that are made from heavy fabric. People who have shorter than normal necks can use this type of tie knot because that narrow appearance of the knot elongates the neck appearance thereby making them to look smart.

The Bow Tie Knot and How to Use it

The bow tie is meant to be used in most of the peculiar and special life events like weddings, graduation ceremonies and funerals. Their color would be determined by the kind of tuxedo you have and the color of the tailored men’s dress shirts so that you choose the one that matches with your fashion. Your bow tie should not be wider than the broadest part of your neck, and it should not extend beyond your collar tips.

Simple Shirt- Tie Principles that You Can Use

You would not need to struggle to make a fashion mistake especially when it comes to tie and shirt selection. For those who have a color wheel, they can use it to find which tie color rhymes with their tailored men’s dress shirts to avoid color crash. Ties that have the same width as the lapel of your suit are always the best ones for you. The worst mistake people do is choosing too tiny and shiny ties, they depict childish kind of fashion, and they are not unique. For those who like wearing patterned ties and tailored shirts, it is fine as long as you know how to perfectly mix the two. But if you know you are not good at selecting patterns, please don’t try. There are a lot of tie-shirt training images over the internet, and you have a look to perfect your skills or even watch videos on the same.

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