Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Types of Custom Wristbands

One of the most fashionable accessories today is custom wristbands. The best thing about them is that you can use them for whatever you want to. You can use it for marketing or for charity use. And when it comes to design, there’s a wide range to choose from. The silicone wristbands come in different colors, which provide designers with endless opportunities when it comes to customizing them.

Custom wristbands can be used for different purposes. Clubs and bars can use wristbands for access control, admission, and age identification. They are often brightly colored bands to ensure staff can see them even in the dark.

Camps also use personalized bracelets for staff and campers. It can be used as ID, swimming ability, lodging unit, medication, allergies, special dietary needs, and age group. The custom bands can also serve as a souvenir after camp.

Non-profit organizations often sell wristbands to raise funds. The bracelet often has the logo of the group, its catch phrase, or the name of the organization. There are groups that get sponsors for the bracelets, and then give them out for free to promote the campaign.

As you can see, there are many ways in which custom bracelets can be used. And when it comes to types, there are several that you can choose from based on how the design is printed on the wristband. Below are some of the types of personalized wristbands. 

Debossed Custom Bracelets

Debossed custom wristbands are one of the classic types on the market today. The message is curved into the wristbands. Your company logo and message will be forever etched into the bands. And if you want the text to pop out, you can have it ink-filled. The text can be filled using any color you want, whether it is part of your company’s branding or the theme of the event.

Printed Custom Bracelets

Printed bracelets are the most economical choice. It also has the fastest turnaround rate. The logo, text, or message can be printed on custom wristbands via modern technology. Pad printing allows you to print multicolored designed, as well as overlapping or adjacent colors on the wristbands. And with precision printing, the message or logo will be of high quality. It is the cheapest type of personalized wristband, which makes it the ideal choice for businesses or individuals with limited budgets.

Embossed Custom Bracelets

Embossed wristbands are the opposite of debossed. The former has the text, logo or message raised on top of the surface. And if you want the text or logo to be easily seen, and then have them printed in the color of your choice. It will make the message more visible, even from a far. Embossed custom wristbands are the premium option for events, marketing campaigns, or for personal use.

These are the types of custom bracelets that you can get on the market. Be sure to choose the right one that suits your requirements and needs.

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