Saturday, June 16, 2018

Visitez Disney Land Paris

In 2017, the domain name is bought by Nicolas Descamps, passionate about Disney culture. Originally, was a website, having existed there about ten years ago. The site offered a lot of practical information and news about the park called Disneyland Resort Paris at the time. Today, it is better known as the Disney Gazette .

The purpose of DLRP remains in a similar concept, but in a broader sense: if the R of the acronym corresponds to the word Resort, it now corresponds to the Radio R. DLRP offers a website with a lot of news about Disney culture, both for pure enthusiasts and for others, from 7 to 107 years.

Concerning the radio, this one will propose, at first, a very musical content on the various possible topics of the Disney galaxy, to then propose original productions, to learn more about this universe (emissions, newspaper, games ...). Visitez Disney Land Paris


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