Thursday, June 14, 2018

Why MBBS in Bangladesh is Ideal Choice ?

1. Medical Study in Bangladesh comparable to Medical Study in India with respect to (Syllabus, Study Pattern, Duration of Study, Comparable Medicine, Related Illnesses) Get a lot more details about Study MBBS in Bangladesh

2. Exact same Culture, Food habits, Language (English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic) exact same as India

3. Passing MCI Screening test high for MCI Registration

4. Numbers of Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are authorized by MCI Act 1956

5. Bangladesh is Dry Country - Alcohol or any Drug consumption is illegal (Finest Safest Spot for Students Studying outside nation), No Weekend Celebration

6. Low Travel Expense

7. Low Living Expense

8. Indian students, that are arranging to pursue medical education abroad, can discover the opportunities being offered by Bangladesh within the field of medical education. The majority of the Indian students would discover it useful when it comes to regular of education, price of education, language of communication as well as other associated elements.


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