Tips When Ordering and Designing Navy Challenge Coins

When you are ordering navy ship challenge coins, you need to be aware that their graphics department is the heart of their business.  They will definitely try their best to give you the best design possible; however, you also need to do your part.  For instance, if you are ordering a personalized navy challenge coins, you have to find an image that is high quality and clear.  This will allow their graphic department to extract even the slightest detail of your image. 

Navy Challenge Coins Ordering Tips

In case you have a vector design, the process of engraving the image on the challenge coin will be even faster.  If you are ordering an intricate image, it will take up to 5 hours; giving them a vector image can significantly reduced the time.

Provide a High-Resolution 3D Image

In case you want to have navy ship challenge coins done in a 3D process, you need to make sure that you will provide an image with a high resolution.  The process may take longer than the usual, but the result will truly astound you especially with the details.  The challenge coins done in an advance 3D process may start from $100 and up.

Be Patient

When you want to have the best navy challenge coins, you need to have an extra amount of patience.  The best companies offering customized design will take more than 2 hours for your image to be processed in the graphics department, proofing of 3D images may take more than 4 hours.  The best navy ship challenge coins maker will take significant amount of time to guarantee that even the slightest detail will be included in your coin.

Choose the Bigger Challenge Coin

In the event that you are looking for navy challenge coins with superb details, you need to consider the bigger challenge coins.  It may be challenging for the coin maker to cram the highest amount of detail in a coin measuring 1.5” in diameter.  There is a tendency that they will simplify some of the details of your navy ship challenge coins.  In case you really want to find satisfaction on the profound and complex detail of your coin, we advise you to go for a bigger challenge coin.

Delivery Options

When ordering navy challenge coins some of the factors that can affect the speed of the delivery process include offset printing, hard enamel navy ship challenge coin, specialty edging, dual plating, intricate color pattern, engraving, silk screening and epoxy.

When you want the best possible result for your navy challenge coins, and you want the process to be efficient and convenient, you need to remind yourself about the tips that we mentioned above.  This will help you and the company to achieve the highest amount of detail for your challenge coin.


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