Ways to Improve Your Web Design Jacksonville

Web design Jacksonville is very important but is hard to get exactly right. A website’s design needs to be easy to use, while still having lots of information for search engines to crawl and attach keywords to.

1. Switch to a Responsive Design

Today, over 30 percent of traffic to the top 10 websites in the world comes from people who have mobile devices. This number is looking like it will continue to rise because more people have mobile devices with internet connections.

If your website is not mobile friendly, you will not be able to keep people on your website. Responsive designs adjust themselves to fit on any screen and work with any device.

2. Lower the Use of Stock Photos

Stock photos can be great, and there are more places than ever to find them. However, you should remember that anyone can use the same stock photos as you. If you have the budget, you should have your own photos taken. You can also take your own photos if you do not have a huge budget to work with.

3. Simple Navigation

When someone lands on your website, they should be able to get to other pages in less than two seconds. Most times, people do not like to look for what they need or want, and they want to find it with little to no effort. Sub-menus can help keep the links you need on the homepage while removing the clutter.

4. Make It Easy For People to Contact You

On some websites, it is way too hard to contact the owners. There should be a way to contact you on all the pages of your website. You can add a contact form to the side bar or to the footer. If it is hard to contact you, you can lose up to 95 percent of leads.

5. Every Page should be a Landing Page

This is very important because most people focus on their home page and neglect the other pages of their websites. Search engines can send people to any page, so you should make sure that all your pages are treated in the same way. This can take some time to fix all the pages, but there is no excuse for not fixing them.

There is so much work that can be done to improve a website’s design, that it can be overwhelming. If you need any help with web design Jacksonville, there are professionals that can help you.


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