Why You Need a DUI Lawyer Jacksonville

The general benefit of hiring an experienced DUI lawyer Jacksonville is the fact that they understand all the laws regarding drunken driving arrests. Actually, if you are facing serious or big consequences like jail time, paying large fines or the loss of your license, you will need a highly skilled DUI attorney to handle the case on your behalf. Here are more reasons on why you really need the services of a skilled and reliable DUI lawyer in Jacksonville.

If a lawyer practices DUI law regularly, they will definitely know the best defenses, applicable law, local prosecution methods and the various options involved in drunken driving cases in Jacksonville in detail. As a result, this means that your DUI lawyer Jacksonville is in the best position to represent you in an advantageous way so as to have the case entirely dismissed or reduce your sentencing or penalty. In the last few years, most states across the country crack down on drunk-driving offenses through imposing harsher sentencing and stiffer penalties. To minimize the effects of a DUI case on your personal life, make sure you hire an attorney.

Discussing the Options with your DUI Lawyer Jacksonville

Many people think that the only available options when you get a DUI are to either go to trial or take a plea. An expert DUI lawyer Jacksonville will generally offer some local options also. For instance, most counties now have special DUI diversion programs where people can earn dismissal or reduce sentencing after completing the alcohol or drugs counseling. Hence, your attorney needs to be familiar with all the available ways to resolve the matter in order to effectively handle your case.

DUI Lawyer Jacksonville and Beneficial Inside Information

When you go to a DUI lawyer Jacksonville, you can rest assured that they know all the players who will be involved in hearing the case, from the judge to the prosecutor. They can easily tell you if that particular officer qualifies to administer the field sobriety tests as well as if he or she has ever been subjected to any disciplinary action in their record for lying. If they discover that the officer has a bad record, then they can get your DUI case reduced or even dismissed.


When it comes to selecting a skilled DUI lawyer Jacksonville you should consider this: no one would ever go to a dentist to get open-heart surgery. In the same way, you should get a lawyer who is experienced in DUI matters, including the laws and how to present the best case. Check out http://www.malcolmanthony.com/ for more information on DUI lawyers in Jacksonville.


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