Four Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming Katy, TX

Dog grooming Katy TX is an important part of taking care of man’s best friend. Regular grooming should be a part of your dog’s schedule. The amount of grooming that your dog needs will depend on the breed, their hair length, and how much time that they spend outside. Your dog groomer can give you an estimate when you should have your dog in for a grooming appointment.

Regular dog grooming Katy, TX is essential to a dog’s health. Here are the benefits of having your dog groomed regularly.

1. Healthy Coat and Skin

Regular baths with specialized dog shampoo keeps your dog’s skin clean and healthy. The scrubbing, brushing and blow drying removes all the dead skin cells that are stuck in the fur. This happens to all dogs and can lead to infections and itchy skin, especially if grooming is not done regularly.

A bath will also use a moisturizing conditioner that will protect your dog’s coat.  It will also leave it looking healthy and protect it from damage.

2. Reduces the Amount of Shedding

All dogs shed in some amount. Regular dog grooming Katy, TX removes any loose hair. This lowers the amount of shedding because the hair has already been removed from the dog. There are special tools and treatments that you can use to remove even more of the dog’s hair.

3. Avoid Mats

Mats are hair that gets knotted into balls. They are very painful since they pull on the skin. If they are left in the fur, they can cause abrasions, skin ulcers, and many other health problems. Removing mats is a challenge, so for most dogs, it can mean a shave down. With regular dog grooming, most tangles and mats can be prevented.

4. Basic Maintenance

Most dog owners know when their dog’s nails are too long because they can hear them on the floor. However, most owners forget to check their dog’s ears. This could be because they forget or are too busy to do it. These tasks are very important for your dog’s health because they can tell you if your dog has an infection or if their nails are growing in the wrong way.

A groomer will make sure that your dog’s nails are the right length. They will also clean your dog’s ears to make sure that they are free from any bacteria and dirt. They can also tell you if there are any problems with your dog’s ears and nails after the grooming session, so you can talk with your vet about your dog’s health.

Having regular dog grooming Katy, TX is important for the health of your dog. No matter the length of your dog’s hair, you should have a regular schedule for taking your dog to the groomers.


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