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SEO or commonly known as Search Engine Optimization is the process taken into a certain website to increase its visibility on search engine sites.  A higher ranking on search engine sites can expose you directly to the number of people online. Companies tend to spend large amount of money to achieve a more optimized website and increase their presence on search engine sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. SEO Houston, for example, is types of company that can help your site achieve a better ranking.

Search Engine Optimization is a complex process. Though other people understand the basis of it, it may not be enough to raise your ranking on Google. Here are some basic SEO techniques that you can use on your site. But remember it will not guarantee you to appear on top of the Google page.

Constant monitoring
First thing you should always do is to constantly monitor your ranking on search engine sites. This will tell you if the SEO Houston techniques that you are using are effective or not. You may use Quake, Google toolbar or Alexa to monitor your current rank. It is also essential to know the demographics of your visitors and the keyword they are using when searching for your site.

Keyword optimization
Keyword optimization is not just about the content of the article that you are posting. You should observe the density of the keyword on your page. Quake toolbar is a great way to examine the keyword density. If the keyword is below 3%, then that means you are not having enough keyword, anything above 12%, and you will be banned by Google for keyword spamming. You do not want your keyword to be congested and lacking somewhere between 8% should be perfect.

Use common keywords on the url of your site
Alter the URL of your webpage into something that can be recognized by the online users as well as the search engine site, for example, EngineOptimization is a lot recognizable compared to

Avoid embedding Flash, Ajax or frames
Flash has nothing to do with your website. It may look cool, but I tell you that it will not help your website in getting a better ranking on Google.

Describing your image
When posting a picture, the image cannot be traced by the spiders. You may want to describe the picture so the spiders can pick up the list of keyword. Use describing words when telling something about a certain image. This may help you to get a better visibility on search engine sites.

The content has got to be the most important part of SEO Houston. A fresh, updated and quality content tends to have a better appearance on Google ranking. Updating it on a regular basis can attract more traffic. One way to do it is to integrate a blog site to your website that you may update regularly with articles related to your product or services.

As it was mentioned earlier, this will not guarantee that your site will land on the first page of search engine sites. SEO Houston has a thorough understanding of this process so if you want a better visibility, I advise you to contact them and ask SEO Houston to perform optimization on your site.


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