Tips on how to Build a Stone Lamp Post

Developing a stone lamp post out of rock out of your personal homestead will not be only Green developing but also cheap. Apart from the wire, lamp,metal conduit along with a little mortar, the post components themselves are lying on stone walls everywhere. My area has an abundance of good flat, 1 to two inch thick slates. Many substantial pieces were quarried for sidewalks inside the cities and towns nearby within the 1800's and are nevertheless in use currently. You are able to cut the rocks needless to say but if you would like all weathered faces, you are going to must choose them in the tops from the stone walls for materials. Get much more details about Victorian Lamp Posts

A nice sized post is often made from stones about twelve inches square or so. In the event the post is to be considerably larger, you may need only have 1 or two superior edges around the stones. Save 1 bigger flat stone for the prime on the lamppost. Excavate a footing hole about two feet deep in warm climes and 4 feet in snow regions. A twelve inch square post need to possess a concrete footing about sixteen inches square along with a foot thick. 4 pieces of 1/2 inch reinforcing bar cross smart will give added strength.

You may want one semi unique piece of gear. In case you do not have a hammer drill using a one particular inch bit you will need to rent one particular for a day or two. Every stone has to have a hole drilled inside the center prior to it is actually laid in location. Possess a nearby electrician place a ninety degree bend using a two foot leg and an eight foot straight section of 3/4 inch rigid conduit for you. Spot this conduit in your concrete footing before you pour. In the event the conduit is placed two feet down inside the ground (more than code depth) the vertical portion will stick out above ground six feet. More than enough to get a lamp post. Starting with your largest, flattest rock, location some mortar around the footing and set the first stone down over the conduit.

Now with alternating layers of mortar and stones, proceed up the lamp post column. You can quickly discover that you can not do it all in 1 day. Stones do not lay like brick or cement blocks with good sharp edges. With irregular faces the stones apply stress in unique strategies to the stones laid below. Depending upon the wetness in the mortar as well as the weight of the stones, attempt to acquire two feet or so laid every day. Let it dry completely. You could at this point wish to pull your 12 gauge Romex wire cable through the conduit to assure it is free and clear. Coil the top rated end at the fixture location and leave the rest on the roll inside the box in the bottom.

As you reach the leading of the post together with your stones, program ahead slightly. When performed you want about 1/2 inch inch or so of conduit displaying above the stone itself. Appear at the fixture you bought just before carrying out the leading stone. Does it need a junction box? Does it affix directly towards the conduit? You might want to know now. Once that condition is determined you are going to know how a great deal conduit to leave exposed above the prime stone.

Ensure that the best stone is totally secure in a good bed of mortar and does not rock. If the stone includes a slightly downward beveled look a lot the far better for water runoff. Melting snow and water will run away from the fixture and not lay against it causing it to rust and rot away.

Run your electrical feed and set up the light fixture. Back fill about the post and plant some flowers. A photo cell can turn your post on and off in case you neglect about your new lamp post.

While most municipalities do not call for a building permit for these types of minor landscape improvements, it is actually constantly very best to ask your nearby constructing department first. Some communities have their very own sets of restrictions as to what may be added to your yard so be sure to verify with all the homeowners' association too in case you have one.


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