What the Best Pet Boarding Katy TX Facility Offers

For those people who own pets, you may not have the time or opportunity to be with them all the time, this is why it is necessary to look for a place where they can be taken care of. My dogs day inn is just the perfect place for that sine we offer boarding services for your pets at reasonable prices. The facility assures you quality services depending on your preference and you are assured that your pet will be loved and taken care of by the best and most qualified team. The following is a lift of wheat we offer in the pet boarding Katy TX.


It is important to keep pets entertained, and we offer that through allowing them to watch interesting, dog appropriate movies on colored television. This is only for a set period of time so you can be sure that your pet will still get plenty of active time.


For those pets that love swimming, we allow them to swim in a safe pool that is monitored at all times to ensure that no accidents happen. You may pay extra to have your pet swim for much longer than the assigned time, which you are assured will be  made possible by our team.

Play Yard

Pets need to be active and exercise too, which is why pet boarding Katy TX has a large yard that is secured to give them a chance to interact with other pets during play time. You are allowed to leave your pets’ favorite toy with them so that they may play with them during this time.

Comfortable Suites

We have suits to accommodate all types and sizes of pets according on what you can afford. We have suites starting from a 6 by 6 kennel that you may choose from the list of available options. There are both outdoor and indoor kennels, so you get to choose that too depending on what your pet is more accustomed to.

Health and Medication

If your pet is under medication, make sure that you have provided it in its original packaging. We also have a pet boarding Katy TX vet on call that can check on your pet in case something happens while in our care, so you do not have to worry about the health of your furry friend.


We take this very seriously, which is why we have fenced the whole compound with a 6 feet fence, and have in place additional security options to ensure that no pet under our care leaves the area.

This is the best pet boarding Katy TX facility as we care for them as if they were ours. Our rates are really low, but you are assured nothing but the best care for your pet.


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