Graphite bipolar plate, bipolar graphite plate

Detailed description

We developed ultra-thin graphite bipolar plates, which significantly minimize the size and weight of your fuel cell stack. Get more details about bipolar plate

Our supplies are specially selected and qualified for fuel cell , which makes it possible for quite higher fuel cell performance with really competitive expense.

See the regular properties/ data sheet of full cell graphite bipolar plates bellow:

Item name: fuel cell graphite bipolar plate
Density> 1.95g/cm3
Distinct resistance<12 µOm
Air leakage coefficient: (min thickness 0.3mm,1kg Negative pressure, no leakage.)
Compressive strength> one hundred Mpa
Bending strength> 50MPa
Hardness shore: 60 SSH
Advisable operation temp: 150-180°C

Inside the previous handful of years, we has produced around 20-50k pieces/month of graphite bipolar plates for neighborhood clients and abroad, and our bipolar plates happen to be effectively applied to a brand new generation of fuel cell automobiles in China.

Our business has frequently innovated inside the investigation of new bipolar plate , expanded
production capacity and decreased charges, now we come to be certainly one of the leading manufacturer of bipolar plates in China and happen to be built extended -term relationships with buyers all over the world.

Our company can produce graphite bipolar plates for all sorts. We have the ideal product lines which can produce wide selection of graphite tubes, graphite block, plate for heat exchangers.
We hope to establish a good organization connection with you; we will serve you with all the finest quality, best delivery time and very best solutions


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