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What images does a BI dashboard use?

What kind of images? Usually we would count on to view the usage of ‘standard’ tables alongside, heat maps, pie charts and schematics. Then there are actually scatter plots, gantts and bubble charts plus also geographical maps. It is a genuine smorgasbord of visualization tools. Get more details about tableau training materials

Why do we use these tools? The justification (and central technology proposition here) normally hinges about the fact that we are able to now use computing energy to crunch via our numbers (a number of them in databases, a number of them coming from definitely raw and unfiltered places that we normally refer to because the information lake) and then display ‘trends’ that the human brain would commit an eternity on the lookout for.

Crucially, we humans can typically define and spot a trend utilizing a visual representation more rapidly than we are able to if we just looked at lists or tables of numbers. We like pictures, generally.


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