150 Very best International Wedding Photographers For 2016

Update | The Final 26 Photographers

Upon reviewing all the submitted nominations, we've got come to choose the final 26 photographers to finish our 150 Very best International Wedding Photographers for 2016!

All more 26 award winners were chosen via our original selection strategies of thinking about each nominee’s awards, portfolios, and overall artistic vision and skill. Get extra information about best wedding photographer

With that, congratulations to following photographers (presented in alphabetical order):

37 Frames Photography - Tokyo and Brisbane
Andy Gaines - UK
Daniel Aguilar - Mexico
Daniel Diaz - Mexico
David Bastianoni - Italy
Eduardo Quintero - Mexico
Jacki Bruiquel - South Africa
Jim Pollard - New Zealand
Kelly Tunney - Australia
Liam Crawley - UK
Loke Roos - Sweden
Mick Shah - UK
Mike Rodriguez - Mexico
Milena Cavichi - Brazil
Pablo Béglez - Spain
Pedro Vilela - Portugal
Petar Jurica - Croatia
Rocco Ancora - Australia
Ross Harvey - UK
Ryan Schembri - Australia
Sam Docker - UK
Samo Rovan - Slovenia
Susana Barbera - Spain
Rino Cordella - Italy
Kemran Shiraliev - Russia
Steven Rooney - UK

When it came to getting the “150 Greatest International Wedding Photographers for 2016,” we were exceptionally specific in our consideration. With a great number of fantastic photographers with varying types all about the planet, it needed weeks of analysis, analyzing thousands of portfolios, and drawing the opinions of scores of business leaders. We think we’ve come up with a list that represents the quite best with the finest wedding photographers inside the globe.

**See our list of one hundred Finest Wedding Photographers Inside the U.S. and Canada list right here.**

The objective was to make a systematic technique of selection that was as objective as you can in an inherently subjective procedure. Lists of diverse award-winners and instructors from conferences spanning the globe had been compiled, in conjunction with nominations in the SLR Lounge staff and respected industry pals.

We then looked for recurring names of currently-active wedding photographers and evaluated their work and artistry, because it was critical to not simply take into consideration those that are good educators or networkers, but those who are superb photographers and artists.

Every single photographer’s portfolio was reviewed and assessed in accordance with:

Uniqueness and Creativity - Every single photographer’s body of function was considered for their unique and inventive tips and an capacity to feel outside of the box, allowing their operate to stand out amongst the rest.

Artistry and Vision - Seeking for photographers that had a full vision of their final product, with photos that portrayed all elements of a scene functioning with each other (the models, wardrobe, makeup, place, post-processing, and much more) for any attractive, cohesive, final product.

Timing and Emotion Captured - Photographers who've a knack for becoming within the appropriate location at the right time and exude emotional photojournalism in their imagery stood out in the approach.
Consistency - Consistency is crucial and photographers who time and time once more made amazing images became a large component in the selection process.

The final list was pared down to 124 photographers and we want you to nominate the final 26 inside the comments below. We are going to take each and every suggestion into consideration and finalize our list within the subsequent handful of weeks. We require your input mainly because, as with any “best of” list, you will discover limitations together with the selection.

We realize that there might be some deserving photographers that may not possess a high viability or are up and coming stars that haven’t popped up in our radar. So let us know your thoughts and help us make this the ideal attainable list of its type.

THE 150 Best International WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR 2016
As a result of subjective nature of art and photography, the list is presented in alphabetical order:

2 Brides - Sweden
Adam Johnson - London
Adrian Stehlik - Argentina
Alan Law - UK
Alberto Muriel and Gabriel Sanchez of Opera Studios - Spain
Alessandro Iasevoli - Italy
Alex Beckett - London
Alexey Malyshev - Russia
Ambre Peyrotty - France
Ana Paula Aguiar - Brazil
Anatoliy Bityukov - Russia
Andre - Branco Prata - Portugal
Andre Mansano - Brazil
Andrea Bagnasco - Northern Italy
Andrea Corsi - Central Italy
Andrea Giraldo - Spain
Andress Ribeiro - Brazil
Andrey Nastasenko - Russia
Anna Peklova - Russia
Apresh Chavda - London
Arai Leng - China
Ascough Photographers - England
Aurora Lechuga - Spain
Bayly and Moore - New Zealand
Bruno Rosa - Ireland
Chris Huang - Taiwan
Christelle Rall - South Africa
Christiano Ostenelli - Italy
Christophe Viseux - France
Citlalli Rico - Mexico
Cole and Jakob of Nordica Photography - Sweden
Cole Kor - Singapore
Corrine Ponsen - Netherlands
Dan O’Day - Auckland
Dan Petrovic - Paris
Danelle Bohane - UK
Daniel Alonso - Spain
Daniel Dumbrava - Romania
Danielle Vertelli - Italy
David Alarcon - Chile
Dmitry Fedotov - UK
Don and Helen - Canary Islands
DuWayne Denton - South Africa
Dylan Seedin - Sri Lanka
Ed Peers - UK
Edgar Machado - Brazil
Egor Jelov - Russia
Estudio D Foto - Portugal
Ett Vetner - South Africa
Fabio Mirulla - Italy
Fer Juaristi - Mexico
Franck Boutonnet - France
Gabriela Matei - Romania
Gerardo Ojeda - Spain
Gerhard Nel - Netherlands
Guillermo Navarrete - Mexico
Hendra Lesmana - Indonesia
Ian Weldon - England
Igor Bulgak - Russia
Ilan Mor - Israel
Ivash Volodymyr - UK
James Day - Australia
Jamie Bott - England
Jason and Aneta Naylor - New Zealand
Jason Tey - Australia
Jerry Ghionis - Australia
Jesse van Kalmthout - Netherlands
Jessica Roberts - Australia
Jian Impression - China
Jon Mold - England
Juan Jose Euan - Mexico
Julia Frantova - Russia
Julian Wainwright - Thailand
Julien Scussel - France
Junior Barreto - Brazil
Keda Z Feng - Malaysia
Linda Puccio - Italy
Lito Sy - Philippines
Appear Fotografia - Spain
LMFOTO - Poland
Mango Gu - China
Manuel Rusca - Italy
Foto Martiz - Italy
Marco Schwarz - Germany
Maira Erlich - Brazil
Marian Cristea - Romania
Marian Sterea - Romania
Marius Barbulescu - Romania
Marius and Andra Dragan - Romania
Marius Igas - Romania
Marius Tudor - Romania
Natan Sans - Spain
Nicola Tonolini - Italy
Paul Vincent - Philippines
Pavel Kritchko - Belarus
Pedro Alvarez - Canary Islands
Pedro Cabrera - Canary Islands
Peter Li - China
Peter Van der Lingen - Netherlands
Petr Wagenknecht - Czech Republic
Phillippe Nieus - Belgium
Rafael Vaz - Brazil
Rahul Khona - UK
Ralf Czogallik - Netherlands
Raman Photos - Germany
Rasit Ozay - Cyprus
Raymond Phang - Singapore
Robert Trica/Irina Groza - Romania
Ruslan Myts - Russia
Sam Gibson - London
Segun Olotu - UK
The Uppermost - Indonesia
This Modern - Ireland
Tien Phan - France
T-Photo Studios - Hong Kong
Victor Lax - Spain
Vinci Wang - China
Vincius Matos - Brazil
Visual PC - Spain
Vlad Lodoaba - Romania
Wayne La - England
William Lambelet - France
Yves Schepers - Belgium
Zoltan Jambor - Romania


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