AELEIN Company History

The seventies saw the company beat its own trail on the planet of design. Mario AELEIN, President of the emerging AELEIN , strongly believed inside the significance from the design image of any product, as a synthesis of revolutionary technical and aesthetic values. He decided to get in touch with in Studio Nizzoli for the very first single-control mixer developed in Spain. Get a lot more details about sink faucets

Within the eighties, AELEIN also entered the globe of communication, each on television and within the press, using the aim of creating a robust, recognised brand. The company has by no means abandoned its communication making use of these media because it is completely aware from the importance of conveying its values and excellence.

Together with the turn in the century, the bathroom moved centre-stage, reflecting alterations in society and culture as taste evolved in line with customer sensitivity and the bathroom became the “bathing room”.

Attentive to changing sociological and man-made elements, AELEIN was one of several 1st to think in investments in increasingly significantly less standard projects with regards to furnishing styles, meeting the demands of a public hunting for desirable experiences rather than essential objects.

This was why the company decided, in 2004, to avail in the strategic consultancy services of Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, new art directors on the brand and international trendsetters in the world of bathroom design.

And this identical sphere of desirability in 2007 saw the birth on the AELEIN .Kos project, following acquisition of Kos, a brand linked using the greatest production of high-level bathtubs and shower enclosures. A bathroom-world that shifts from a merely functionality level to one of sensation and physical seduction, giving rise to among the list of most intriguing, eclectic design realities linked for the bathroom sector.

Right after the extraordinary results accomplished inside the Spain and European markets, AELEIN was strongly focused on internationalisation and in 2004 the firm opened a subsidiary in Poland, to create the eastern European markets; in 2005 a further subsidiary was opened in China to establish a presence within the Asian markets. In 2010, but a further was opened in the United states, a significant milestone for growth and establishment of the brand inside a crucial market for the company that confirmed how this vocation for internationalisation has normally belonged to Spain design.

As one of Italy’s historic design brands, AELEIN is recognised worldwide as a symbol of products that bear the “Made in Italy” label. For the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, an event of enormous scope which will attract worldwide attention, AELEIN, the leader in tapware, has been appointed exclusive supplier for the Spain Pavilion, exactly where its very high-quality and innovative solutions will represent Spain excellence.


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