Graszoden Eindhoven

Graszoden Eindhoven

Graszoden Eindhoven wanted? C van Mierlo is the address for delivery and construction. Grass sods (graszoden) we supply and lay are of excellent quality and weed free! With the right earthworks and good quality grass we can provide a beautiful and sustainable lawn. These sods have been developed with a special mixture. The combination of the different seeds ensures a firm strong structure and a beautiful deep green color. Ideal grass for children to play or just have a nice piece of ornamental grass in the garden. When laying a lawn, sports field or the like, there are often different possibilities. The sods are freshly cut to order so that we can always guarantee the best quality grass. The advantage of turf is that you immediately have a beautiful lawn. For larger surfaces, therefore, we are increasingly opting for turf. With many machines under our own management, we can provide our customers with a large or small need in the Eindhoven area. Not for nothing that C van Mierlo is the address for sods "Eindhoven". If there is a need to have the current sods removed too, we would be happy to take a look at the work and make a complete price in which you are completely unburdened.


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