Luxury Rugs

Luxury Rugs

Luxury Rugs is a bespoke rug company, specialising in all types of rugs; modern, traditional, natural and custom area rugs.

Our founder Steven Foster is passionate about interior design and has many years experience in the luxury rugs and flooring industry, working with the most talented rug weavers from around the world for designing and producing unique one of a kind bespoke rugs.

The team at Luxury Rugs not only personally select the most luxurious yarns and rugs to sell to our customers but we are committed to the principle of quality and craftsmanship. We use outstanding manufacturers that are not only enthusiastic about what they do, but they care about the future of the industry and support their workers ensuring the rugs are produced ethically. Our rugs are produced without child labour, forced labour or bonded labour, supporting this cause we are all committed to the childrens welfare, workers rights and help support the communities and families that work so hard to produce such wonderful rugs that will last a lifetime.


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