Selenium Training

We've got redesigned our Selenium Training course syllabus to meet expanding talent demands with the present job marketplace. Get more information about Selenium Training

This online course is designed by operating professionals in a way that the course will progress from introducing you towards the fundamentals of automation testing utilizing Selenium for the most sophisticated Selenium topics. We will also ensure to teach you JAVA basic and sophisticated tactics that will ease your Selenium understanding procedure.

Who is this Course for?

Within this course, we will teach you the most practical issues expected for you to get and survive an automation testing job.

That is a perfect course for all those who are:

Application Testers who would like to start out with automation testing
Application Testers who wish to get an automation testing job
Automation testers who choose to upgrade their expertise
QA engineers
Test leads/managers
Knowledgeable specialists from IT or perhaps a Non-IT background obtaining basic understanding of application testing and desires to explore automation testing abilities.
People that wish to understand automation testing procedure and frameworks


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