director of photography south africa

director of photography south africa

I am the type of DP/cinematographer who likes to harness the logistical, the technological and the creative elements of a project to craft images that will work hard for the story being told. I relish the opportunity to be challenged and to create meaningful cinematic work.

I move between feature films, television series and commercials and I enjoy working on large scale, big budget projects as much as smaller projects that require smart planning and innovative solutions to deliver quality images.

I feel strongly that story is the ultimate guide in figuring out a visual approach. And I love that every day I get to do a job that lets me indulge my love for film and for story. I am equally passionate about creating a work environment that inspires and challenges, to get the best out of every project.

I am currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but I am available for travel. I have extensive shoot experience locally and abroad.


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