Venice city break guide

Bienvenue from Sarah and Olivier! As you might have guessed, we are an English-French couple. Fate led us to meet 2 years’ ago thanks to a popular but much criticised online dating app! All we can say is that it’s worked for us!

For the time being, we live in the heart of Sussex with our nomadic teenage children and a loyal dog. We are happy to share that a new chapter of our life adventure has begun, as we just got engaged on the idyllic Isla Holbox in Mexico! This unique corner of the world has left an unforgettable footprint on our hearts.

As you might expect, we have a shared love of good food and great wine (bien sur!). We are also passionate about getting to know the incredible cultures, people and places the world around us has to offer. Both of us love photography and we enjoy capturing these moments in moving and still images.  Venice city break guide


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