How you can Arrange a Trip to Las Coloradas Pink Lakes

Pink Lakes of Las Coloradas in Yucatan can be a actual place with pink water. A photo from this place also became my most shared and well-liked photo on Instagram, so it comes as no surprise that numerous readers and followers are asking me concerns about it. Here’s a fundamental compendium of all the things you'll need to understand when going to Las Coloradas that some refer to pink lakes, other folks to pink lagoons. Get extra information about las coloradas tour

Las Coloradas means ‘blush red’ in Spanish. It’s in fact the name of a tiny village, that specializes in salt production and fishing. The location is often a component Rio Lagartos Biosphere, protected Organic Reserve with quite a few birds, crocodiles, flamingos and also other species. Regardless of exactly where you are coming from, it’ll probably take you about 5-6 hours round trip just to get there. Is it really worth your time…?

How to Arrange a Trip to Las Coloradas Pink Lakes

I’m not going to lie. When I 1st visited Las Coloradas I ended up coming back pretty disappointed. I took a tour that promised to take me to see pink lakes, a river filled with crocodiles and ruins of Ek Balam. However, I ended up seeing a modest physique of water that looked far more yellow than pink, no crocodiles or flamingos, and I didn’t fully grasp how did a lot of people claim to view bright pink lakes. The trip was a big fail.

When I came back to Las Coloradas and Rio Lagartos for the second time in a rental car, my husband and I discovered our way to the actual pink lakes. Here are my strategies on how to arrange your trip in order not to get disappointed.

What to accomplish in Las Coloradas?
There’s not a great deal to perform at pink lakes aside from admiring their beauty. Las Coloradas is a really modest town, so you will not uncover any tourist attractions like souvenir shops, cafes etc. At least, not yet, but judging from the crowds storming the spot it could come about quickly.

In actual fact, there’s only a single nearby restaurant there and a few pretty basic corner stores. It is also vital to mention that pink lakes aren’t technically a tourist attraction per se. It’s a operating salt factory that became renowned for the pink color with the water that locals don’t wish to turn into a tourist attraction like it occurred to Salinas de Maras in Peru.

If you’re heading to Las Coloradas, I suggest you also take a boat tour about the nearby biosphere of Rio Lagartos. As a way to do so, just walk down the key road by the water of Rio Lagartos town (located about 30 minutes from Las Coloradas), where the boats are kept. You might be approached by several boat owners supplying to take you in to the reserve.

Boat tours coast about 900 MXN per boat (not per person) and they’ll take you to find out birds, horseshoe crabs, lots of flamingos, and crocodiles. You’ll have an chance to bathe in salt water and take a mudbath. Apparently, a mud bath is extremely fantastic for the skin plus the very same mud charges a great deal if purchased within a fancy box.

My private tip would be to go see the lakes AND take a boat tour. The boat tour is completely worth it, but you will not see the pink lakes up close from it.

Why Are Las Coloradas Pink? Is definitely the Pink Water Organic?
I’d say that the location is 50% all-natural and 50% manmade.

Back in the Mayan instances, salty ocean water from mangroves was flooding to manmade lagoons and evaporating inside the sun, leaving all-natural sea salt behind. Because the lagoons are so shallow and salty, the red algae and plankton are brine shrimp are concentrated and consequently, their pink colour tends to make the water pink.

The manmade purpose for this pink water could be the concentration of the microorganisms. This is also why the flamingos from the area are pinker than most flamingos because they consume more with the brine shrimp that makes them pink (sadly, humans cannot get pink from eating it). I wonder if flamingo poop is pink too…


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