Advantages of Electric Muscle Stimulation

How Electric Stimulation Functions

Electric stimulation operates by attaching stick-on pieces of gear to the skin and using the control unit to transmit currents to targeted muscle groups. The handle unit is exactly where the timer, sensory knobs and other devices are located to produce the electric existing. Two lead wires and two to 4 neurostimulation electrodes are the tools which might be attached towards the skin to transmit the current. The machine may possibly trigger numerous exclusive sensations when turned on and applied to a particular muscle group. Get extra details about electric muscle stimulation

How Electric Stimulation Feels

Some sufferers report feeling pins and needles, muscle twitching and/or a dull tingling. These sensations ordinarily only final for the duration of the treatment, but you will find occasions patients will really feel them up to 30 minutes following the therapy session.

Added Positive aspects of EMS

There are actually quite a few rewards to this kind of therapy. To start, it may aid decrease edema (swelling) and expedite the healing course of action of injured or broken tissue. Electric muscle stimulation also can assist lessen chronic discomfort. Other benefits include things like:

May possibly boost joint discomfort and swelling
Prevents and reveres muscle atrophy (loss of muscle mass/tissue)
Enhances rehabilitation of muscles
Increases array of motion for tense muscles or tendons
Reduces anxiety and discomfort
Improves blood flow and circulation

Speak to the group at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists about electric muscle stimulation and no matter whether or not you’re a candidate for the therapy. These with pacemakers and heart complications (i.e. palpitations, arrhythmia, heart illness, and so on.) ought to not use this therapy, nor ought to females who're pregnant. Contact the Scottsdale or Phoenix workplace to set up your appointment currently!


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