6 Wonderful Tips to Treat Sweaty Hands and Feet

Do you fear driving due to the fact of sweaty hands and feet? You aren't alone. There are several sufferers of hyperhidrosis of hands and feet who're possessing related issues. With sweat dripping it truly is certainly difficult to have right control around the steering wheel as well as the brake pedal. Nevertheless avoiding driving isn't a solution to this issue. You need to remedy sweaty hands and feet to overcome this difficulty. Get extra information about anti sweat cream for hands

Listed below are some easy home remedies that you can try:

1) Tomato juice has been located to be a superb cure for excessive perspiration. Have this juice routinely twice every day for handful of weeks to obtain great outcomes.

2) A tea produced from sage leaves has established to become effective in controlling sweaty hands and feet. Attempt this tea for a couple of weeks.

3) Lime juice with sea salt produces awesome results to remedy excessive perspiration. Alternately add rock salt to buttermilk and have it routinely.

4) Ladies going via menopause may possibly notice sweaty hands and feet. This issue can be solved by getting vitamin E supplements with magnesium citrate.

5) A solution made by mixing water, honey and apple cider vinegar is regarded as successful for excessive sweating. You'll have to consume this solution twice every day for any couple of weeks prior to you start off to find out any results.

6) A basic homemade remedy for suppressing the odor created by sweaty hands and feet is cornstarch paste. You are able to use this as a homemade deodorant. Due to the fact you will discover no chemical compounds in cornstarch you are able to safely use it.

Try out a few of those treatments and see what works for you.


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