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Q: Why are some diseases not incorporated in a homeoprophylaxis kit?

A: Not included in the simple kit would be the following ailments for the following causes:

Hepatitis B: Only a problem if your kid shares needles or physique fluids with a person with HepB. The incidence within the US is under 2%.
Diphtheria: No incidence in numerous decades and quickly treatable.
Rotavirus: 95% of the population gets this and organic illness confers lifelong immunity. Only an issue in case you reside within a country with no access to clean water or rehydration
Flu: Influenzinum is accessible as an further nosode if preferred
Rubella: Only an issue for pregnant girls. We advise adding this one through childbearing years for females
Hepatitis A: Not life threatening and simply treatable. Only contagious via fecal matter in meals or water
Chickenpox: This childhood disease confers lifelong immunity for many cancers and plays a function in immune maturation. Wild CP is very best. After the CP vaccine came out, the incidence of shingles increased mainly because people had been no longer receiving immune boosts. Greatest to contract wild CP.
HPV: This can be a manufactured vaccine for a problem that is not a problem. 95% of sexually active people carry HPV and clear it spontaneously within 2 years. The vaccine addresses 3 with the 100+ strains and besides lots of injuries recorded, can also be causing other strains (formerly less problematic) to come to be additional virulent. This is an illustration of your wreckage that will occur whenever you mess with Mother Nature.
Q: Can we catch the diseases from the HP pellets?

A: No, totally not. Unlike vaccines that contain live viruses, there is practically nothing to “shed” with HP. These treatments carry the energetic spectrum of the targeted disease. The facts is only received by the recipient. Just like a cell phone picks up a radio frequency. You can’t receive a contact going to someone else’s cell phone, nor can you get the frequency with the disease someone else just took in HP kind.

Q: What’s the most effective age to begin homeoprophylaxis (HP)?

A: HP is often administered at any age. We normally advise starting infants after one-month-old so they have time for you to form an excellent nursing partnership and mom knows their temperament.

Q: Should we finish the whole homeoprophylaxis system before there’s any immunity?

No, as soon because the first dose is taken, susceptibility is satisfied. By that we mean that we every single have diverse susceptibilities (weaknesses) to particular ailments. In case your ancestors had asthma or tuberculosis, you could possibly have an enhanced susceptibility to pertussis. When you take a dose of your HP pellets, your system starts to recognize the information and facts communicated then educates the immune system to hold this in memory till the illness is encountered in nature.

Q: Are you able to “overdose” the homeoprophylaxis pellets?

A: No, this really is energy. Kids have ingested whole vials with the pellets with no adverse effects.

Q: What if we overlook a dose of homeoprophylaxis?

A: No challenge! Just choose up where you left off any time you commence again. Having gaps of time is no challenge. The schedule is extremely flexible!

Q: What if my youngster is sick at the time of a scheduled dose of homeoprophylaxis?

A: WAIT till your youngster is nicely for 48 hours ahead of dosing. Their physique is busy working on a further illness and vitality must be sufficient to manage the energetic illness from HP.

Q: Who is ‘liable’ if there’s an injury or death when taking homeoprophylaxis?

There has never been an injury or death from homeoprophylaxis in 200 years of use. That getting stated, no method of disease protection is 100% helpful - not vaccines, not HP. The only ‘liability’ can be a likelihood of catching a disease. This is why parents are asked to sign a statement saying they're taking duty for their child’s health and are advised to have the input of their healthcare practitioner.


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