What exactly is Zapier? The best way to Automate Your Business Tasks Far better

Introducing Zapier
Most modern web apps have an API (Application Program Interface) which third-party developers can use to interact with it. They could do points like upload facts, download stored data and otherwise hook in to the app. If it wasn’t for Twitter’s API, we’d all be stuck with just their official consumers. Get more information about zapier experts

What exactly is Zapier?
What Zapier does is take two services and act as a middle man for their APIs. It’s a tool for connecting all the distinct apps you use.

Say you would like to automatically download any e-mail attachments sent to your Gmail account to a specific Dropbox folder. Nicely since both Gmail and Dropbox have APIs, with Zapier you can. Each new e-mail attachment you get will trigger Zapier to download the file and upload it for your Dropbox. Zapier calls these trigger-action pairs Zaps.

Zapier has greater than 500 apps connected to their service. For every single app there are actually a few triggers and actions. You could even have one trigger execute multiple actions. This indicates there are primarily unlimited exclusive Zaps to be created, which your business can put to work with for improved task automation.

Why You'll want to Automate Your Business With Zapier
The key benefits that Zapier brings to your business workflows are speed, consistency and visibility.

1. Speed
Very first, Zapier can speed up frequent business tasks. Imagine it’s policy to upload all client files to a dedicated Dropbox folder. You can make a Zap that downloads all of the files a client sends to your Gmail account and upload it to a particular folder. Each and every client will have to have their own Zap nevertheless it will perform within the background and save you or your employees the hassle of doing it manually. You'll find likely dozens of these little tasks that you simply do everyday that could possibly be automated. Combined, they are able to save really a great deal of time.

2. Consistency
Continuing the example above, let’s take into account consistency. People are not great. They overlook things, make blunders and usually just mess up sometimes. Computer systems are a lot better at performing basic business tasks reliably. If you want to make sure that each and every single file a client sends you ends up in their committed Dropbox folder, a Zap could be the ideal method to do it. An essential email will not slip by means of the cracks simply because it was sent at five o’clock on a Friday afternoon. Any time you have a specific protocol or formula that requires to become followed when moving information involving distinct apps, you need to take into account using Zapier.

3. Visibility
Zapier is also a terrific technique to add visibility for your workflows. Irrespective of whether you are using Slack or email to handle anything, it is possible to have Zapier ping you whenever an employee (or a Zap) does a thing important. Once again using the email instance, you might develop a multi-step Zap that would post an announcement that a client’s file has been added to Dropbox within your primary Slack channel. This implies everybody can see what’s taking place.

Using a Zap to add visibility to anything is specifically what I’ll show you the way to do in the subsequent section.


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