The Meaning of Promise Rings

A promise ring, sometimes known as a couple's ring, is really a gift that binds the wearer to her promise, and reminds her in the promise on the giver. Such a ring is often indicative of love, commitment, chastity, or perhaps abstinence from substances. Typically provided from man to woman, or from parent to child, a promise ring is usually a meaningful talisman that offers a promise permanent substance, when words cannot suffice. Get extra information about affordable promise rings for couples

One occasion for providing a promise ring can be a commitment to a partnership. Young couples who may not be ready for marriage can seal their future plans using a promise ring worn around the girl's left ring finger. If they stay with each other the ring serves as a constant reminder of their promise, and if they should be apart since of college or profession, the ring reminds the young lady of her absent companion, although letting others realize that her heart is taken.

A ring in between couples could mean:

- I will return to you
- I will someday marry you
- I is going to be faithful to you
- I will stay abstinent till we marry

One more instance exactly where a promise ring might be provided is amongst a parent and youngster. When a young woman is out on her own, she may be protected from poor possibilities by a reminder of those at home who care about her, and of any precise promise she has created to her parents, or that they have created to her.

A ring from parent to youngster could imply:

- I will keep you in my heart
- I will generally be there for you
- I will remain pure and chaste
- I will not abuse substances

Promise rings can also be exchanged involving close friends to symbolize the permanence with the friendship, but within this case each parties exchange rings, plus the rings are certainly not typically worn around the ring finger (as to not be confused with a ring that denotes a romantic partnership).

It is actually not common for men to receive promise rings, just as they don't get engagement rings. Should you be thinking about a promise ring for a man who likes jewelry, take into account an extremely plain, modest ring, without having stones. An engraving inside stating the promise the ring represents will be a personal touch, without having creating the ring too flashy.

It is actually vital to clarify the meaning of a promise ring or couple's ring that you simply present as a gift. A card attached to the box, to become study beforehand could clarify your feelings in regards to the ring. Or, a spoken explanation and announcement of the promise could go more than even superior. Probably the most important issue is that the recipient knows exactly what the ring indicates to you, to ensure that there's no misunderstanding about that which means.

A promise ring is definitely an excellent gift for someone you realize you want to share a permanent bond with, even though you do not very know what the future holds for you each.


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