How to Instantly Access Your Data in New Phone

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The content transfer is not as easy as we think. It requires the use of an appropriate method to migrate your content across multiple devices. My SmartIO is a data transfer app that allows its users to seamlessly transfer different types of contents to migrate within multiple mobile devices. You can easily move all contacts, photo gallery, calendars, audio and video files within all smartphone devices. This app further assures the safety of your data by providing end-to-end data transfer facility. However, it is well supported by all iOS and Android mobile devices. Get more information about

Key Highlights of My SmartIO - Data Transfer App

     You can transfer all your data through wireless connectivity. It does not require USB Cable or other connectivity tools to move your data.
     It provides a smooth way to transfer your complete contacts, photos, videos, calendars, and all other various data types.
     It is available in five different languages.

Simple Steps to Follow

(It is important that you must have My SmartIO in both mobile devices)
1.    To begin, launch the app on both devices and select the sender and receiver device to share the data.
2.    Afterward, QR scan code will appear on the receiver device, hence, use the sender device camera viewfinder to scan the code and connect both devices.
3.    Now select the type of available content files which you want to transfer from the sender device and press start.
4.    Finally, after the completion of the transfer process, “press close”

Final Thoughts

Data transfer is no more challenging with My SmartIO app. You can effortlessly transfer your data to the new mobile device by pursuing the above-mentioned steps. Have you successfully transferred your data in your new smartphone by using My SmartIO? Please share your comments and suggestions at


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