Tips on how to Choose a Healthy Chai Tea

Can something as scrumptious as Chai Tea actually be excellent for you personally?

Properly the fantastic news is YES! As long as you're drinking the actual deal - good high-quality looseleaf tea with fresh spices. Have you ever checked out the components of powdered chai? I did not too long ago. Did you know sugar, in one kind or an additional, is often the main or second major ingredient? 20 years ago Australians consumed an average of 5kg of sugar per individual per year. Now it is...50 kilos! When sugar is the main ingredient within a solution it is effortless to determine how that adds up. Get a lot more information and facts about quality chai

Powdered chais include sugar and a lot of other unnecessary nasties.

Here's a peak at a few of the components:

Milk solids, sugar, glucose solids, vegetable oil, vegetable fat, glucose syrups, flavors, instant tea powder, mineral salts (339,340,452), emulsifiers (471,472c), asorbic acid, citric acid, colour (beta- carotne). Yikes!

With each of the additives, preservatives, colours, flavours and thickeners in our meals in recent times it is no wonder a lot of folks are suffering from stress, fatigue, allergies and also other auto immune conditions. The old adage "You are what you eat" is accurate. Somewhere along the line we began to worship the god of "instant". We want what we want and we want it now. But at what expense?

Why not make a True Chai Tea and loosen up and nurture your self as an alternative?

When ever I take time out to brew a classic loose leaf chai, the really act of stopping and nurturing myself with a thing wholesome, enlivens my spirit before I've even had one sip. It's good to make one thing using a small adore and care and not sell myself brief my adding water to a highly processed substitute.

Each spice features a wellness benefit and so does the tea

The benefits are not just psychological either. You would like to choose a Chai Tea that uses a low caffeine tea and has lots of spices. The tea itself will make an awesome coffee alternative and must include a good antioxidant hit. If your blend contains ginger - you are going to get digestive advantages, cinnamon is utilized in herbal medicine to stabilise blood sugar. Cardamon and cloves are superior for the lymphatic system and have antiseptic. And last but not least, as outlined by the Indian holistic health model called Ayuveda, cardamon is said to stimulate the heart and thoughts and bring joy and clarity - no wonder i really like my chai!

So get your self a beautiful excellent Chai Tea these days and start off enjoying the positive aspects on all levels. Discover how excellent it might taste and good you can really feel!


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