New and Used Car dealer Adam Loeber Porsche – Chicago / Chicago / Tulsa

March 21 2014 Chicago based motor and new and used car dealer Adam Loeber grew up in Chicago until he attended Berkley University in 1993. After graduation, Adam knew he wanted to pursue a career in spots cars, and moved home and starting working on the idea soon after. Working with professional mentors, and able to absorb information quickly, Adam soon found himself selling dozens of Mercedes and porches each month.

Though his career started on a high note, it took a few years for Adam to be able to move out onto his own and start an independent dealer. His mentor and friend William was an experienced car dealer, so Adam took after him for his own specialty. With persistence, Adam eventually convinced his partner to lend him the startup needed to begin his own venture, once his mentor retired.

Adam began his independent dealership with his brother Richard Loeber from Tulsa, who was also a partner at Loeber's first car dealership. The two established a quote “strong” rapport and collaborated frequently, so they decided that it only made sense for them to enter into business together when they moved out on their own. The dealership, Loeber, is still under both their control today, and the two are glad they share the company with each other.

Today, Adam Loeber is a member of the National Automobile Dealers Association
and regularly represents and advises clients seeking both new and used Mercedes, BMW and Porches in Chicago.  For more visit


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