Introducing Queen Bees to a new Hive

Sometimes beekeepers want to requeen a colony. Either the old queen died or the hive isn't performing at the same time as desired. The new queen's offspring can bring desirable traits for the colony. Commonly, these desirable traits involve gentleness, great collectors of pollen or nectar, pest and illness resistance, reduced swarming behavior, a preferred body color, or productive pollination. Get much more info about order queen bee online

It is actually vital to meet specific criteria prior to attempting to introduce a new queen otherwise the colony may perhaps reject or perhaps kill the new queen. There are lots of procedures for introducing a new queen to a hive, but no particular procedure has been universally agreed upon because the most effective for all situations.

Most typically the procedure involves an introductory period of about 3 days. During this introductory period the queen is kept separated in the colony within a wire gauze cage. The workers inside the colony will feed her via the mesh on the cage. The workers can let the caged queen into the hive by consuming away a candy entrance plug in the cage. This makes it possible for for the queen to be introduced without the interference from the beekeeper. The beekeeper may also manually introduce the queen as well.

Younger bees are usually a lot more receptive to a new queen. Separating the older foragers in the younger bees can assist make introducing a brand new queen less difficult. You can separate younger bees by turning the colony so the entrance is facing the opposite path. A various hive with no less than one frame of honey, but no bees, is placed with all the entrance facing within the similar direction because the old colony. As older foragers leave the repositioned hive they're going to return to the new hive. Soon after about each day, all of the bees left inside the original hive will likely be young bees, although most of the older worker bees is going to be in the short-term new hive. The new queen can be safely introduced for the hive together with the younger bees. Soon after a couple days, the colonies are reunited along with the new queen is established.

A superb method to inform if a brand new queen may be safely released should be to observe the behavior from the bees outside the queen's cage. In the event the outdoors bees are clinging for the cage and are tough to brush off, it is most likely not secure to release the queen however. If the outdoors bees could be simply brushed off, the queen might be released.


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