7 Basic Ideas for Throwing a Pancake Party

If you are keen but not positive exactly where to begin, here are seven guidelines for throwing a low-key, no-fuss, meet-the-neighbours or hang-out-with-friends pancake party at your location. Get much more information and facts about chandeleur

1. Make some cute but uncomplicated invitations

Should you have little ones, odds are you have got photographs of them. Here’s the invitation we created last year. It took a handful of minutes in Picasa to create some text over the photo, and I printed them out as pictures for 29 cents each. Easy-peasy!

To get a charming, non-techie option, you could just write or print a couple of sentences on some squares of coloured cardboard - just like a postcard - and drop them in letterboxes. It’ll almost certainly take half an hour, max, and if you’ve got youngsters to assist you decorate them, then that is an awesome solution to involve the whole household.

You don’t must do anything elaborate or high priced, just make sure your guests know you are really serious about inviting them, and exactly where to come!

2. Make or buy the pancakes ahead of time

Unless you are providing up eggs, milk and oil for Lent anyway (no, believed not), it’s pretty cheap to get pancakes. They’re often sold as smaller sized ‘hotcakes’. If you are keen to host your neighbours, but time-poor, feel free to go this route. It’s what we did last year and in all probability what we’ll do once again.

It is possible to get gluten-free and dairy-free versions, also, to cater for various requires.

If you’re generating them from scratch, remember that pancake batter does effectively if stored in the fridge overnight, so you can certainly make the batter ahead of time. It normally thickens up, so just a little additional milk for the batter after you get it out.

Or far better but, fry the pancakes the night prior to, maintain them within the fridge and heat them inside a warm oven for the party.

When I was a student, my flatmate Kent and I used to get up at silly o’clock to accomplish pancake breakfasts for our youth group. In my experience it constantly takes longer (and much more pans!) than you assume it will to cook pancakes for a crowd, so whatever you'll be able to do ahead of time will aid your tension levels on the day, and give you maximum time together with your guests and away from the kitchen.

3. Invite people to drop in through a set period

This kind of community occasion lends itself to a drop-in strategy, and everyone will know what to count on in case your invitation consists of a window having a start and a finish time.

4. Maintain it simple. Truly very simple.

You are inviting people over for pancakes, and absolutely everyone might be super-impressed at your hospitality even though pancakes and lemon-and-sugar will be the only things on supply.

One topping is a lot. Feel free to complete a sweet and savoury option, or something far more elaborate when you really love cooking, but it is not at all required. Cups of tea are also optional, particularly when you offer some iced water with lemon or mint in it.

The much more menu and drinks options, the far more faffing around (usually away out of your guests), so don’t really feel like you need to go the entire hog for this kind of occasion.

Meeting your neighbours, or catching up with mates, is the real point on the day. One pancake within the hand is all your guests need to have.

5. Give your children jobs

Children of all ages can have critical jobs to create a pancake party, so prior to you get started, have a household meeting to make a decision who can contribute what.

Can your toddler toddle down the street with you to provide the invitations? Your pre-schooler may be keen on answering the door or providing napkins to guests. Older kids can take pancake or drink orders, provide pancakes, collect dirty dishes - and obviously cook and clean!

6. Write down people’s names ahead of the day finishes

If you’re inviting neighbours, you may meet a whole bunch of people for the very first time. Take a moment when the house is empty, to note down who came, and where they live, so you'll be able to greet them by name when you’re subsequent putting the recycling out at the same time.

You might even choose to have name-tags. I know, I know, they may well look a bit naff, but if most people are strangers to one another, they’ll most likely appreciate the name-remembering help.

7. Do not cook dinner!

Whether you do an after-school or dinner-time slot, you unquestionably get a free pass on cooking tea! Everyone will be stuffed with pancakes, so do some dishes and put your feet up when everyone’s gone.

I’m super keen to hear what you assume about this. Please leave a comment with your recommendations and secrets, and any thoughts you might have about undertaking something this year.


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