The Queen Bee

The queen bee is definitely the largest of all of the bees within the hive. Her stomach is particularly substantial because the several eggs she lays every day are stored there. Just like the workers, she has a stinger. All day extended, as the queen lays her eggs, you will discover worker bees attending her. They clean her and feed her, simply because she will not leave the hive to discover her personal food. The worker bees even chew her food for her, for the reason that she should have a lot food to make eggs that she needs assist to digest it. Get a lot more information about buy russian queen bees

As the queen lays her eggs in cell just after cell, the workers follow her to make certain that the eggs are protected and warm. In every single cell they place food so that when the egg hatches, the child bee will have something to eat. Then they close the cell with wax, and let the egg lie there until it hatches. After a when, out comes some thing that looks like a worm. That is referred to as the larva. The larva eats all it can and falls asleep inside a kind of shell which has grown around its physique. Even though it sleeps, it grows. And when it grows, it adjustments.

At last when it awakens, its warm robe falls off, and there is a stunning young bee. Some eggs hatch into worker bees; some hatch into drones; and a few hatch into queen bees. The eggs which are going to hatch into queens are placed in bigger cells. Worker eggs are place inside, plus a unique sort of food known as "royal jelly" is spread around the inside of your cells. It can be this royal jelly that makes the worker egg grow into a queen bee. When the very first young queen steps out of her cell, she looks for any queen eggs that haven't been hatched. If she finds any, she kills them, so that she might be the only queen within the hive. However the old queen continues to be there. From time to time the young queen kills her. Sometimes they live collectively in peace for any although. But that can't final extended, for the hive would become crowded with two mothers and all their kids. The old queen finally leaves, and her loyal followers go with her.


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