Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats Hack : Get Free K Stars Immediately

For ambitious Divas, Glu Games has introduced probably the most thrilling red carpet adventure game that can fulfill your need. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is one such game that is considered to be popular most in iOS community and amongst the leading ten games of Android. Get far more info about kkcheatz

Though you might have a lengthy journey within the game from Tier-E to Tier-A, the critical aspect would be to know all the attributes of your game that may give you game currencies. It truly is an opinion of the majority of the gamers that you just cannot play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood without spending real money. But right here are our Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats to create you acquainted with all kind of possibilities that will reward you these currencies.

As soon as you're familiar with them, the game will run in an auto mode, and you can level up immediately, get much more fans and perform all such activities which price you to commit real money.

Get Familiar with All the Game Currency

1. Money

The green bills would be the money which is among the traditional currencies in the game. As you full any function, it is possible to get them inside your account. Cash is expected to create any travel, get a few accessories and to go to dates. Finding money just isn't a major deal within the game, and you can use them as you call for.

2. EXP

The next ideal widespread item that you simply receive through the completion of any job could be the EXP. EXP is expected to level up inside the game. Similar to money, EXP can also be dropped, and you need to gather them promptly.

3. Energy

Probably the most vital element inside the game is to have Energy. You will require Energy to complete an activity within the game. Energy meter replenishes automatically with time. You might get one Energy each and every 5 minutes. You should use Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats to have a lot more of this item.

4. K Stars

By far the most worthwhile currency of your game is KStars, and it is actually difficult to get at the same time. Aside from in-app obtain mainly you get this currency once you level up. K Stars are used to purchase luxury things with the game. You can gather pets by means of it or acquire clothes. Also, K stars is usually used to charm people.

Any delicate item which you come across in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is available by way of exchanging K Stars. But no Kim Kardashian Hollywood mod apk can fill your Star meter. So superior play the game and grow gradually.

Common Strategies to Earn Free Money & EXP

Money and EXP are easy to obtain with out any Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack apk by completing an activity. You can gather them by tapping on them. However, if you don’t and they lie, they are automatically added to your account.

After you meet new people if you are able to guess their name, you're rewarded with EXP.

In the beginning, after you meet KIM, she gives you some money.

Aside from the activity completion, you are able to see some sign to talk with people. Once you speak to them, you are going to get money.

Apart from the above Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats, some other methods need to be kept in mind. Continue your reading and know them all but do not fall into the swamp of Kim Kardashian Hollywood mod apk.

Total Gigs From Your Manager

As you meet your manager, he will provide you with some tasks which are excellent Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack to get rewarded. The rewards are generally money and EXP and K Star. You could get the following amount for completing gigs:

One hour job will pay you125 Dollars

Three hours job will reward you 250 Dollars

Eight hours job will reward you 800 Dollars

24 hours job will reward you1200 Dollars

There are couple of Kim K Game Hacks that you simply must keep in mind before jumping into gigs:

Your energy bar should be at the maximum level.

Always give your best effort to finish the gigs with five-star level.

Shorter span gigs are much more comfortable to finish, and you need to take a call on it before you start.

Inviting friends into your gigs can always be beneficial to obtain extra bonuses.

You are able to tap on the plus sign on the friend’s blue mark to add them within your gigs.

Make Extra Money by Working on Stores

When your manager can not provide you with enough gigs, then there is a Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack for it. In this period, you must take up some operate at the stores. Jobs in sores are a quick Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack to collect enough money and sometimes that are even greater than gigs. However, you must have enough Energy available with you to complete these jobs.

Aside from the So Chic store at the downtown LA which you must own other available stores reward you a considerable amount. You should try out Kardash New York, Kardash Calabasas or Kardash Miami frequently.

Watch a Video

If you want to gather free KStar, then watching promotional video is another important Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack. Whenever you find a video, you must watch them till it reaches the end. This 20-30 second commercials can earn 10$ or 1Kstar for you. Although the number of videos per day is limited, still if you watch them all you could collect 10 K stars daily.

Also, there is Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats to have the videos additional frequently. Tap the other opportunities and rewards section repeatedly. You are going to get a video after you go to the zone 3-4 times.


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