Igniting Vibrancy After Loss and Heartbreak - Ruthie Lewis

When you've got suffered loss, trauma or heartbreak and feel paralyzed, unable to move forward with your life, then join Ruthie Lewis, Wellness and Life Coach, to find out tips on how to stroll into a life that could be oh, so vibrant once more at the VILLA in Mineola, Texas. Get a lot more info about

As you stroll the meandering pathways and trails, the vast, lush acres caress you into another place and time! The scents and beauty of spectacular, colorful gardens result in you to take in lengthy, deep breaths.

As a warm breeze whispers across your face, you cannot resist baring your feet, and also you are soothed as you feel the cool grass nestling involving your toes.

You have to be dreaming for the reason that this has got to become in Italy!

How is it achievable we’re in East Texas?

The breath-taking gardens and pristine landscape make you question their reality, yet your own eyes are feasting on an array of vibrant colors and splendid architecture.

A sweet peace blankets you in the top rated of the head towards the tip of your toes, and awe paints a smile across your face, each and every sense so alive you tingle with delight.

You know this can be a gift of otherworldly beauty and joy!

WELCOME… Joy, Wild Dreams, Hope and Restoration has named You to an OTHER-WORLDLY Italian Villa in East Texas!

The flutter of inward butterflies brings a tear for your eye as you wonder how great it could be if this can be what renewed hope would feel like.

The pain and sadness you thought had robbed you of everything appears to take a step back to make space for the possibilities of hope and emotional wellness.

You exhale as your heart opens to think about a vibrant life energy painting a picture of joy within a New Life you had come to believe impossible! You really feel tiredness and shame melt away as you see a brand new path that carries your pain gently permitting wild dreams with every single breath.

Loneliness begins to release its tight grip in your heart as it opens like the roses just before you, mesmerizing you, your soul ready to bloom. You really feel validation having a sisterhood that “gets it.”

As you all collect more than a lovely gourmet meal, You really feel to your core the sacredness of this space in time.

All will not be lost. Dreams, desires and new, loving relationships have been never ever taken from you and dare to spring forth from hibernation.

You feel a freedom to live a dreamy, vibrant life which is bursting forth and can never be the exact same. And age has absolutely nothing to complete with it.

You breathe in what life is supplying! The sun warm in your face feels like a kiss of tender compassion for each feeling, emotion and struggle you have felt.

Every cell of one's physique and emotion confirms your presence on the grounds that surround you, however the reality appears as unbelievable as you thought living a vibrant life amidst the pain and heartbreak to become.

Oh, The Possibilities!!

By The End of Our Journey…

You may have delivered a knock-out punch to the emotional trauma that has stopped you within your tracks!

You carry a permission slip from now on, with no expiration date, to live wildly and unapologetically in vibrant, embracing hope and brightness of a future you in no way could have dreamed doable!

You hold the power more than all of the paralyzing beliefs, shame, and guilt!

You have got the soul energy and tools to create a masterpiece that lights up the world everywhere you go!

Your fire of goal is ignited. You really feel the hope and freedom to proclaim proudly your soul’s desires!

Your soul is ignited in approaches you didn’t know have been doable - correct alongside all the things you can’t transform!

Your soul roars using the power of healing and self-confidence for the future.


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