Behavior on Dating sites

Today, many people are full of prejudices against Dating sites. The first and main condemnation of their direction is the lack of seriousness and inability to build healthy strong relationships with their help. Get More Information About znakomstva za 40

In fact, this very possibility or impossibility depends on many factors, and if you exclude some of them, any woman on a Dating site will be able to find a worthy partner.

The question "how to behave on a Dating site" in this case almost coincides with the question"how to meet a guy". Only on the Internet, we are not talking about real, but about virtual acquaintances, that's all. Therefore, the Answer to this question is slightly different, but its essence remains the same.

So, the most important thing is to always be yourself. To please a man, girls often do not have essentially positive qualities for themselves and try to hide their shortcomings. Think about it: if virtual communication is great, a guy can be misleading, and he will believe in the image of the perfect Princess given to him, sooner or later he will come to a real meeting. And then the secret is sure to open, and all the decorations will appear.

But, of course, not everything begins with communication, and even about establishing the truth (and we already know that it is better to be true). Information about yourself in the questionnaire. The first point after registering on the site, of Course, is the selection of photos for the Avatar. And that's when the absolute majority of girls start resorting to all sorts of tricks, such as taking photos, selecting photos from a photo session where they do not look like themselves, and other insidious tricks. Let's turn to the previous point: what happens when in real life an attractive guy meets a retouched fairy instead of an ordinary girl?

But it is impossible to take into account one more subtle detail: whatever it is, and in the end, to love men with your own eyes. Therefore, it is still worth taking a serious approach to choosing a picture, the main thing is not to overdo it .And if a man likes the stomach, then questionnaires, communication, or even suddenly you are a creative master-a photo for avatars that you mistakenly mention or put next to some pot with a full plate of borscht or pie, of course, this is understood. The main thing is that the delicious temptations seem too serious, and apparently they are saying that here is my borscht, here specially placed here / inserted into the conversation to pick up a hungry Beau. Apply your subtle feminine charm and sense of humor.

Speaking of this feeling. How can you get to know everyone without it? Remember: no one wants to ride around boring Nesseyan all day, and in 100 percent of cases, you can enliven any conversation with a good joke, preferring its cheerful witty interlocutor. But it is worth considering that a man's idea of a sense of humor may differ from yours.

The most obvious example: an unusual male representative will laugh at women's jokes about cosmetics, hair loss, and other alien things. So it will be great if you learn in the process of communication, as if you know or adapt to a sense of male humor, but again, without overreacting, will not become a chameleon. The best option is to really get into their interests and understand what they are interested in. By the way, this applies not only to joint jokes, but also to other areas of communication: the best thing you can do in a conversation is to show how interested, curious, admiring and delving into people's stories.

No, there are other good ones: really interested, admired, and unbearable to everyone in front of you. Everyone knows the stronger sex-still attention, neat flattery and adoration, especially those who love sex beautiful. By the way, don't forget that the opposite is true in this case: that is, you have the right to expect attention and interest in yourself.

In fact, why would you want to self-evaluate all kinds of narcissists who aren't interested in your life and don't even care about a couple of polite lines? Remember that you are someone who may want to find a kindred spirit, but this Half should be understood not by what, but by a joke. So at the end of the list, but it doesn't matter, the rules of communication on Dating sites - carefully filter the list of your interviewers and don't be afraid to offend yourself, lie or say "no" to someone who looks inadequate to you.

Believe me, having such personalities, it is better to say goodbye immediately and be happy that you met them only on the Internet. And certainly don't drag them into real life, even if they may look beautiful in a photo. By the way, there is no guarantee that they are actually in the picture.

Simply put, be careful if you want to successfully complete your online Dating adventure. And if you want, even dream of finding a great person there - just fun, feminine and, most importantly, natural-then everything should be fine.


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