Project X Shafts - The Rifle Flagship

Project X shaft has been one of your most thriving shafts on the PGA Tour. Due to the aforementioned, it almost certainly will not bode effectively using the majority of golfers - following all, not everyone features a tour caliber swing. Nonetheless considering the fact that 2006, Rifle announced two other Project X versions, Flighted and Higher Launch, that could be a far better fit. Let's review arguably essentially the most technologically sophisticated steel shaft ever made. Get extra information about Shop Project X at Tour Shop Fresno

First, the original Project X shaft with its patented Frequency Matching, Stepless Design and Rifling - an extremely complicated shaft that took more than 2 years in the generating to create. The shaft was created having a continual taper - unquestionably geared for the sophisticated player. The continuous taper suggestions result in a higher kick point. A higher kick point equates to a reduced ball trajectory which offers the advanced player additional control and a penetrating ball flight. Sophisticated player is definitely the keyword here. Soon after all, a higher kick point can also be identified to become harder to launch if not within the hands with the correct player. At a minimum, a good deal of club head speed should be present for the player to take full benefit of this shaft.

In 2006, Royal Precision launched a new shaft referred to as the Project X Flighted. In standard Royal Precision fashion, it stayed low around the radar screen. After all, Project X was only for "the superior player" ideal? Effectively not exactly. This shaft had flighted technologies - the shaft would embody the original Project X with an added feature. Royal Precision made the shaft using a kick point that "adjusts" towards the iron. That is definitely, the shorter iron had a greater kick point for a reduced launch and control although the longer irons had a decrease kick point for an easier and higher launch.

Royal Precision didn't rest on their laurels - the Project X High Launch also made its debut in 2006. Project X is the only steel shaft to incorporate four technologies, frequency matching, stepless design, rifling, and flighted technologies. And now in all its glory, Rifle introduced a shaft that would incorporate a longer tip parallel section and reduced weight to enable higher transfer at ball impact plus a greater launch. Mission accomplished - Rifle Project X shaft was now readily available for the larger handicapper as well as the tour caliber player.

The Project X is without having a doubt one on the most technologically advanced iron shaft ever produced. And now the Project X is geared for most any form of swing. Regardless of whether it truly is the Project X, Project X Flighted or Project X Higher Launch shaft, you owe it to oneself to check out the Rifle Project X.


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