Moonstone Ring: The perfect Feminine Gift

Moonstone gets its name from its unique shine that could adjust its appearance in case you move the stone. A moonstone ring can be a delicate and feminine piece of jewelry, and moonstones look particularly lovely in sterling silver. Get additional facts about moonstone jewelry

Moonstones originate in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan stones typically have a light blue shine and a almost clear background color. Indian varieties are light brown, brown, orange or green in color. Since moonstones having a blue shimmer have grow to be quite uncommon, they may be some of the most precious and sought following types of these gemstones. Moonstones are delicate and feminine stones and they are frequently used in women's rings, necklaces and earrings. They may be also believed to be good stones for lovers and are connected with defending love.

Moonstones have for centuries been linked with a variety of myths and folklore. Numerous ancient cultures have believed these gemstones to be holy stones with mystical powers. Some of these beliefs continue currently and moonstones could be worn for specific purposes. For example, in India this stone is believed to bring about lovely dreams and visions in the nighttime.

According to common folklore moonstone could make our intuition stronger, and it could also make us a lot more understanding. In some cultures, moonstones have constantly symbolized fertility, and are worn by girls wanting to get pregnant. It used to be said that one could see the moon on the surface of this stone.

Moonstone is part of a group of minerals known as feldspars and is at times also called adularia or selenite. An uncut moonstone looks pretty plain, and the exclusive shimmer is achieved by cutting. An expert cutter performs a stone inside a precise way so that it'll reflect light and shimmer inside the eye-catching way moonstones are identified and admired for.

Moonstone is usually a sensitive stone, not nearly as challenging as several from the other popular gemstones. They must be handled and stored with care. In case your moonstone ring starts to drop its shimmer over the years, take it to a professional jeweler who can polish it and bring back the special shine.

Moonstone rings can come in a wide selection of rates, depending on the colour plus the transparency. The bluish varieties are the most costly. The bigger the stone is, the extra transparent its background as well as the deeper its color, the far more expensive the ring will likely be. Orange, green and brown Indian moonstones are a lot more reasonably priced than the blue types.


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