FAQs About Morning After Tablets


You might have numerous doubts about morning following pills. Some regularly asked concerns and their answers are as follows: Get extra information about pillola del giorno dopo

1. Are emergency contraceptive tablets same as morning soon after tablets?

Ans: Yes. Emergency contraceptive tablets are also called morning immediately after tablets. The only difference is that unlike morning immediately after tablets, contraceptive tablets never call for you to wait until the following morning to consume them. You'll be able to have them soon immediately after possessing an unprotected sex.

2. Are morning right after pills similar as abortion pills?

Ans: No. Morning right after pills work before the pregnancy is established and won't have any impact if a woman is currently pregnant.

3. In the event the morning after pills fails to work, will the baby have any birth defects?

Ans: No. Morning following pill doesn't cause any kind of birth defect within the child if it fails to prevent the pregnancy.

4. Will morning just after pills influence my capability to conceive inside the future?

Ans: No. The tablets will not impact your chances of getting pregnant within the future, as fertility returns with all the subsequent period.

5. Do I have to have a prescription for getting morning following tablets?

Ans: Plan B One-Step and Next Selection are two morning following pills that are accessible without having a prescription to women aged 17 years and more than.

6. Will the consumption of an emergency contraceptive pill have an effect on my periods?

Ans: Not necessarily. Immediately after taking an emergency contraceptive pill, you might get your periods sooner or later than standard. You ought to get them inside 7 days of the anticipated date. The periods could develop into heavier or lighter than typical.

7. Can I get emergency contraceptive pills before I have to have them?

Ans: Yes, you'll be able to. The sooner these pills are taken after an unprotected sex, the more powerful they will be. Therefore, it is generally superior option to maintain these tablets ahead of time.

8. Is there a difference in between a morning immediately after pill plus the day soon after pill?

Ans: No. There's no difference and each of them are taken immediately after unprotected sex.

9. Will emergency contraceptive tablets protect me from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)?

Ans: No. The EC tablets play no part in minimizing your risk of contracting a STD. A condom can give some protection in that regard.

10. Are emergency birth control pills secure?

Ans: As per the FDA, these pills are definitely protected. Nevertheless, they are able to trigger certain negative effects and so it can be advised that you simply consume them only right after consulting your doctor.


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