How you can get diamonds in Free Fire: 8 Ways to develop into wealthy


The in-game currency used in Garena Free Fire is of two kinds: 1) Gold and 2) Diamonds. Players can invest in the regular tier things commonly with just gold itself but for the uncommon and legendary products, players would need to have diamonds. Obviously, regular tier things don’t look as trendy or give any buffs as opposed to the uncommon or legendary things. It is a prevalent query amongst the players as to the best way to claim diamonds as they are not that quickly readily available as gold. Right now, we’ll get to in-depth details with regards to how to get diamonds in Free Fire. Get much more information and facts about  เติมเพชร free fire

1. Performing a Top-Up

It is like performing a recharge that offers diamonds. You can find a variety of offers to select from. Normally, the highly-priced offers will be the ones that offer the maximum diamonds for the paid cost.

Also, one really should wait for the correct time to execute a top-up as Free Fire normally comes up with events that offer bonus stuffs once you perform a top-up of a precise quantity of diamonds throughout the event period. Presently, there’s a top-up occasion going on that offers a katana skin for free when you top-up 200 diamonds.

2. Purchasing Weekly Offers

Weekly offers are somewhat comparable to top-ups. But, weekly offers may also present weapon royale, incubator and diamond royale vouchers in addition to diamonds. You can access your readily available offers by tapping the diamond icon within the major lobby. From there, you will see a good deal of offers that give lots of great stuff.

3. Weekly Membership Subscription

It is a membership based present that tends to make you entitled to claim 60 diamonds each day for any period of 7 days. You can find other ‘7 Days weapon packs’ among other voucher offers that you can look into as well in the’Weekly Membership Subscription’. You also get a unique weekly card VIP icon.

4. Monthly VIP Membership

Just about comparable to the weekly membership but with an extended duration. This, certainly, offers more diamonds as well as other unique benefits. The special benefits also incorporate a particular month-to-month card VIP icon. In contrast towards the weekly offer you, you get 238% far more diamonds right here. A completely of 1900 diamonds with 60 diamonds being claimable everyday. Also, you get a 30 day trial on the gold coated skin AK-47, instantaneously, for free. You could possibly also obtain one hundred diamonds instantaneously as well, based on your region.

Subscribing to both the weekly as well because the month-to-month membership will enable you to claim 120 diamonds everyday. It's going to also present you a specific blue colour S-VIP icon for free.

5. Watching Advertisements

This method, straight, does not deliver the blue diamonds but pink diamonds rather. These pink diamonds may be exchanged for gold, weapon royale, diamonds royale and incubator vouchers. So, in one way, these are just as worthy because the blue diamonds. Each day, players may have to watch a restricted number of advertisements to claim these pink diamonds.

Following watching 30 advertisements a day, you can be eligible to claim a bonus surprise crate that contains a 1000 pink diamonds amongst other goodies. If lucky sufficient even though opening the crate, you could get the thousand pink diamonds out on the surprise crate. Even though, the probabilities of it happening are pretty slim.

6. Finishing missions within the ‘Booyah’ app

The ‘Booyah’ app was lately launched in India. The app is effectively managing a community of millions already. To create much more activity, Free Fire has come up with everyday missions that players can complete inside the app. Following effectively completing the missions, you could claim 10 diamonds right away!

Also, watching the streams that offer airdrops is one way of entering into a giveaway which can fetch you even 10,000 diamonds. Aside from that, the streamers do each day giveaway events that contain free pet boxes, weapon crates etc. Winners in the giveaway are picked randomly.

7. Farming inside the match lobby

When players top-up or invest in any offers, often Free Fire gives rewards known as ‘Reward Trees’. These ‘trees’ when planted within the match lobby give gold or diamonds, randomly. If you’re determined enough you might at the same time collect at least 200 diamonds inside some months, that too, for free, this way. Though, lately the ‘Trees’ have come to be a rarity.


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