Batteryless Off Grid Solar Power System

Do you would like a off grid solar power system that may work with battery, also can work without the need of battery? Let me show you XINDUNPOWER’s best-selling product: off grid solar power system, which can begin up and operate automatically beneath the situation of solar energy or AC power grid. No battery is needed for this process. Get more details about 80 amp mppt solar charge controller

The benefits of this off grid solar power system ZRS:

1) Expense saving (no combiner box is necessary).

2) Boost the efficiency of solar power system by 10% (higher frequency inverter).

3) If energy storage is needed, use lithium batteries to save installation space.

Under what situations can I pick out this off grid solar power system?

1) Any time you don’t want the battery, there's the steady electricity at local.

2) Whenever you use extra electricity in the course of at daytime than at evening, 5kw solar system, power generation 20-30KWH, battery storage 4.8KWH.

In case you possess the interests, pls feel free to contact with me.


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