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The capital of Russia is a significant city with a wide array of services. But to be able to supply comfortable access to political and essential points, the pgu mos ru portal was developed. This site is definitely the Moscow analogue of the well-known service "Gossuslugi". All of the necessary information is updated here, like data personally from the mayor of the city. Get a lot more details about

Those people who very first hear about such a service can frequently confuse these two comparable sites with one another. But there is a considerable difference between them: though a public service portal serves citizens in the complete nation, the public service website operates within the capital, serving only those people who live in the location.

Right here, fresh details is added day-to-day about upcoming events, substantial events in the capital, and there is certainly also a specific section together with the city's news. But, after the user goes by means of the common registration process, he gets access for the registration of services that happen to be offered to residents of Moscow by the city administration.

This Moscow site permits the residents of your capital to save quite a bit of time. So, if ahead of it was necessary to take extended queues to acquire some details in government agencies, now it is actually doable on this portal.


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