Fibromyalgia FAQ: Regularly Asked Queries About Fibromyalgia

 What Causes Fibromyalgia?

This is also unknown. There have already been several theories throughout the years (medical records of Fibromyalgia date back to the late 1800s) but so far, physicians are nevertheless unsure as to what causes Fibromyalgia. Get more information about fibrowarrior

Is There A Cure for Fibromyalgia?

No. Until we determine the lead to of Fibromyalgia, it is not probably we'll come across a remedy. Any website or doctor claiming to possess a Fibromyalgia Cure is usually a scam.

Am I Crazy?

No! Fibromyalgia is just not a psychiatric disorder. When depression and anxiousness can be connected to it, they're not the result in. I defy any one to take care of a debilitating, painful condition and not struggle with depression and anxiousness. There was once a stigma that Fibromyalgia was "all in our heads" and didn't definitely exist. That has since been debunked. Any person telling you otherwise should be ignored.

Will I Get Improved?

Fibromyalgia goes up and down. Some Fibro Warriors get worse, even though other remain the identical. Most Fibro Warriors usually do not go into "remission" which is a term I use for the disappearance of all Fibromyalgia symptoms. However, your symptoms can boost when you take an active function in fighting your condition.

Is Fibromyalgia Fatal?

No. In spite of the higher level of pain; Fibromyalgia won't kill you. There isn't any actual destruction of muscle tissues, any other tissues, bones or joints. It will not impact any of the internal organs.

Can Somebody Catch My Fibromyalgia?

No. Fibromyalgia is just not a cold, bacteria or virus that a person can catch from you.

When New Symptoms Appear How Do I Know If It is Fibromyalgia or One thing Worse?

There are a great deal of Symptoms related with Fibromyalgia and their appearance is not normally logical. It is sometime tough to inform if a brand new symptom is connected to your situation or if it brought on by one more medical condition. Some warning signs that are not standard of Fibromyalgia and must be attended to by a doctor are: acute pain that does not subside, shortness of breath, high fevers, or profuse vomiting.

Is Fibromyalgia an Autoimmune Situation?

No. Autoimmune circumstances are when the immune system produced antibodies against itself and these antibodies commence attacking our bodies from inside. There is absolutely no recognized autoimmune activity in connection with Fibromyalgia. Even so, sometime people with Fibromyalgia could also have an autoimmune condition at the same time.

Do I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Most likely not. Extreme fatigue is really a symptom of Fibromyalgia and people generally wonder if they have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in conjunction with Fibromyalgia or that they're the exact same disease.

CFS is definitely an autoimmune situation (a much more recent discovery) and is not the exact same disease as Fibromyalgia. They share a prevalent symptom - Serious Fatigue. Fibromyalgia Sufferers usually do not ordinarily have CFS.

Do I've A Thyroid Situation?

Sometimes people are misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia when they basically possess a thyroid condition. Occasionally people with Fibromyalgia possess a thyroid situation in conjunction with Fibromyalgia (I do!). Make certain your doctor checks your thyroid.

Do I have Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Both Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis are autoimmune situations with related symptoms to Fibromyalgia.

While there isn't a definitive test for Lupus, you'll have higher levels of autoimmune activity inside your bloodstream that could be detected by means of a blood test.

There's a blood test to test for Rheumatoid Arthritis that your doctor should really run as well.


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